Civil War

Nearly 25 years ago, Somalia descended to chaos following the collapse of the central government. The civil war that ensued crippled the nation into various factions and has made Somalia incapable of developing as a viable nation state since 1991. Factional fighting, clan wars, extremism, and foreign interference rendered the country ungovernable. However, with the recent help of the United Nations and the Africa Union, the last decade has seen increased effort in setting up transitional governments, working from a broken state to providing a more secure future for its citizens. Although unsuited to run the entire country, these governments provide necessary infrastructure for the international community to deliver aid and attempt to reconstitute viable state structures. Today, Somalia still recovers from the devastating civil war, but the future looks much brighter. Still, as the country emerges from a failed state, it is in a precarious position and requires massive humanitarian contributions, societal developments, and private sector investments.