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Children die in Somalia everyday, with your help we would like to change that number.

Our Mission

Since 1991, Somalia has been in a state of war and emergency after the central government collapsed. Emerging from some of the most challenging man-made and natural disasters, Somalia has faced crises like civil war, internal conflict, drought, and even the effects of the Indian Ocean Tsunami and earthquake of 2004, which claimed more than 230,000 lives and left hundreds of thousands injured and displaced. Now as the country recuperates from its losses and inches towards a state of stability, it necessitates extensive aid to rebuild and constitute a viable, resilient state as it once formally was. This is where Somali Help comes in to garner the much needed awareness and support from both internal and external sources. With this support, we hope to be able to help facilitate channeling it to those in desolate conditions. Somali Help also creates an open platform for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private sector organizations to support Somalia in its emergence from decade-long internal strife. Somali Help also runs the largest dedicated directory for public and private institutions to showcase their concurrent programs and to attract site viewers to the wide array of events and avenues to raise funds for their programs.

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